Cindy Carstesen

Cindy is continually fascinated by the ever-changing textures and brilliant luminosity one can achieve with watercolours. She takes an intuitive approach and paints how she feels about a space, not necessarily what she sees in front of her. Cindy loves to stretch the boundaries of watercolour through experimentation with texture creation and adding other media such as acrylic inks. The major focus of her work is concentrated on the landscape rendered in a loose, semi-abstract style. Her process involves the idea of letting go of the need to completely control the paint and to be as detached as she can be from the final outcome. In this way, her artistic practice has become her spiritual practice. Cindy is never completely sure where the paint will lead her, but with each brush stroke she takes a leap of faith and trust in the process, allowing her intuition to guide her brush.

Cindy first began studying watercolours at the age of 13 with a local watercolour artist, and eventually went on to graduate from the Fine Art Program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, where she now makes her home. After a 10-year break from painting, mainly in acrylics in a more realistic style, she picked up the brushes again, but returned to her first love of watercolour. She was looking for some creative solace after a particularly stressful time in my life which culminated in her suffering a heart attack.

Her paintings are in private collections across Canada. The works can be viewed here and through het social media accounts at and  

Cindy also designs clothing, home décor, and accessories for Art of Where based in Montreal. You can view these designs at