Collection: Leanne Chase

Leanne Chase is the creator and owner behind Lionize Collective. She makes botanical art using hand grown, foraged and pressed plants. Lionize was born out of a need to collect, create and share. Her inspiration comes from nature, the small details which often get overlooked and the beautiful patterns in which plants grow. Leanne believes that we are on this planet to appreciate nature and each other.

Leanne likes to experiment with different styles and currently works with ‘the kaleidoscope’ & ’the spiral’ design. The designs are meant to catch someone’s eye and pull them into the piece. People have admired her work for instilling a sense of calm into them. The way she arranges the plants using different shapes, colours and textures gives the art a feeling of movement. Every design is unique and an offering made with intention to bring light, happiness, creativity, inspiration and magic to people’s lives.