Collection: Lisa Leskien

Lisa Leskien is an artist on the loose. Always on the move, Lisa enjoys running and cycling on the trails near her home in South Frontenac, Ontario. She uses the inspiration from the beautiful scenes she moves through to create vibrant acrylic and oil paintings and linocut prints. Lisa has been known to combine running and painting in trail races in Ontario, completing the race and multiple paintings within the race time limits. She can also be found on the go, teaching painting, printmaking, and crochet for the Kingston School of Art, and for the fabulous Tie one On Creativity Bar in Kingston. She teaches the arts and physical education part-time at the elementary level for the Limestone District School Board. Lisa is also a running coach and race director at Spafford Health and Adventure.

Lisa has a Bachelors of Fine Art – Studio Arts Major from York University, and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. After being an elementary school teacher for 15 years, she felt drawn to devote more time to creating art. Lisa reduced her teaching time and began spending more time creating art. She has been pursuing her art dream for the last year and a half and looks forward to seeing where her art journey will take her.