Collection: Whitney Babcock

Whitney Babcock resides in the countryside of Napanee, Ontario. Her art is based on a sense of curiosity, reverence, and a deep connection with people and places. Growing up in a creative family, Whitney was introduced to the world of art at a young age. Her playroom was a land of adventure where her mother painted the walls with animals. Her grandmother taught her silk- screening and made Hallowe'en costumes using papier-mâché. Proudly painting smudges as a child evolved into exploring drawing, collage, pastels, paint and any medium that held the promise of a creative escapade.

While she continued to create art through the years, Whitney reconnected with a more regular practice in 2020 during the pandemic.

Today, Whitney prefers working with acrylics, drawing, and mixed media. She is self-taught and draws from a rich well of life experiences for self-expression. She believes that working with a beginner’s mindset keeps her open to trying new things and is important to creating art that is fresh and free of boundaries. Whitney is inspired by the spectrum of emotions that life yields, the beauty of her surroundings and the host of connections she shares with loved ones, strangers, and the world. Her work plays with various styles of contemporary art.