Working on a Dream

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The Working on a Dream collection was born from a tiny idea in the back of my brain that shifted and settled and stirred itself up again as I sat with it and gave it time.

I collected photos of pink skies. At sunset. At sunrise. Sometimes in the middle of a stormy day.

I filed them away in my brain and saved the photos I’d taken to one place. And looked them over. And over. And thought about what it might feel like to live in those pink skies. And to paint them.

When I finally put brush to canvas, the paintings already existed inside me—I was just pouring them out. I didn’t need to look at the photos. Or the sketches I’d done. Or the names I’d tentatively picked out for each piece.

I just let it flow.

I finished them off with a hint of 24 carat gold leaf. Right at the horizon line. Right at the point where day turns to night, night turns to day. That moment of magic when we exist between two worlds. When those who have left us seem to visit for just a moment.

This collection celebrates love and my dream of finding peace again in a world where I carry my memories forward with me into a place of happiness and joy.

The dream is coming true and these paintings are proof.

I encourage you to listen to the songs these paintings are named for. The album is, I think, Bruce Springsteen’s most dreamy and wistful. There are many stories shared, glimpses into moments of magic, celebrations of deep love.

The same is true of these paintings and I hope you love them as much as I do.