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Sarah E Anderson

City of Night

City of Night

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Oil on canvas
Locally-made custom frame

Sarah’s largest painting to date, this piece was created in one sitting with palette knives and a great deal of focus. It hangs on three panels, helping to further the impression of staring at the world through broken glass.

The piece is an exploration of the feeling of existing between two worlds—the mainland and the island—and the release of being in the middle of the lake, suspended between the two with no control over when or whether you’ll make it to the other shore.

It’s based on a photo of a calm, hazy, late-summer sunset at the Millhaven ferry dock, taken aboard the Frontenac II.

This painting has been mounted in a locally-made custom wood frame crafted by local artisan Cameron Gray. The piece is fitted with hanging hardware and is ready to display in your home.

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