The Last Carnival
The Last Carnival
The Last Carnival

The Last Carnival

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9x9 oil and paper
24 carat gold leaf
1.5” gallery-wrapped canvas

Inspired by pink skies at sunset and sunrise on Amherst Island, this painting is meant to capture the feeling of magic as you witness the start and end of each day.

The gold leaf is meant to evoke the unpredictable magic of the horizon line, where the sky turns pink, where the sun appears and disappears. Where I imagine hope is waiting for us.

Named for the Bruce Springsteen song of the same title, this is a dreamy little piece and I think it suits its name well. The song harkens back to one from Bruce’s second album—a span of 36 years. It’s nostalgic and lonesome and makes me think about the fact that we never really know the last time we’re experiencing something, or seeing someone.

Usually, we don’t get the chance to say goodbye. But at day’s end, nature gives us the sunset to invite us to take the time to say goodbye to another day. To me, that daily opportunity to reflect and find gratitude is one that ought not to be missed. And should be celebrated.

This painting will stand on its own on a table or shelf and is equipped with hanging hardware so it is ready to hang in your home.

I have signed my initials on the front of this painting and have penned my initials, the date, and the painting’s name to the reverse side of the canvas.