Meet our Resident Artist: Sarah Anderson

Hello there

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would run a small gallery filled with my own paintings and works by artists I admire. But, life is anything but predictable and I’m delighted to find myself doing just that.

I am fortunate to call home beautiful Amherst Island, in the middle of Lake Ontario. How wonderful that I get to take a ferry to work every day?

I am passionate about the power of nature to heal and have rooted my work in the world around me. Painting is a way for me to connect to the natural world and be more present in my life in general by tuning in to my surroundings.

My work

My paintings are inspired by the scenery around my home and the sights I’ve collected on my travels in Alberta and Hawaii. I love colour and use vivid expression to paint bright landscapes in a variety of styles. You’ll find soft brushwork, hyper-realism, and a good deal of palette-knife work in my offerings.

I prefer working with oil paints on canvas but I also like to experiment with other mediums and surfaces, including watercolours, bamboo panels, mixed media, and more. I am always curious to see where my next experiment takes me.

At the gallery

Prepare to be met with a wide array of styles, colours, and subject matter all presented in a bright, fresh colour palette. Each piece of original art on our walls is created by an artist with local ties. As the owner of the Lakeside Studio Gallery, I take great pride in bringing new artists to Bath and being a small part of their career. It means so much to me to meet customers to learn about what connects you to art or what brings you to the gallery.

Let’s connect

My deepest hope is that these paintings mean something to you. Maybe they remind you of a place you love. Maybe they bring you joy. Maybe they make you feel the way I do when creating them: calm, connected, and at peace.

Get in touch on Instagram and Facebook or send me an email below.